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Little Cedar

Montessori Preschool

"The child is both a hope and promise for mankind"

 - Maria Montessori

“To aid life … that is the basic task of the educator.”Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Montessori education is based on the premise that children have an innate ability to learn. When supported by an appropriate environment and educator, they are guided through their developmental needs to reach their full potential.

A Montessori classroom typically has a trained Montessori teacher, known as a Director or Directress, supported by a Montessori assistant. Montessori teachers usually have a teaching qualification and additional Montessori-specific training. The teacher is a guide or facilitator whose task is to support the young child in their process of self-development. They are foremost an observer, unobtrusively yet carefully monitoring each child's development, recognizing and interpreting their needs.

The teacher provides a link between the child and the prepared environment, introducing the child to each piece of equipment when they are ready in a precise, clear and enticing way. The most important attribute of a Montessori teacher is the love and respect she holds for each child's total being.

The Montessori assistant's role is to support the teacher and promote peace and order in the classroom. They value and respect the uniqueness of each child while consistently nurturing and modelling a love of learning. The assistant is a keen observer, is knowledgeable about developmentally appropriate behaviour and practices, and supports the individual needs and interests of the children.

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